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Our Partners

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board is the local organizing committee responsible for setting the direction of addressing homelessness in the community.

They guide the development of the community plan and provide official approval, assess and recommend projects for funding, and support the planning and implementation of coordinated access.

Built for Zero

Built for Zero is a cross-Canada effort helping communities end chronic homelessness and veteran homelessness through the adoption of proven practices and continuous improvement.

As a Built for Zero partner, Living Space provides access to coaching and resources support for developing coordinated access systems while working toward functional zero chronic homelessness in Timmins by 2025.

Reaching Home

Reaching Home is the Government of Canada’s homelessness strategy, providing funding to urban, Indigenous, rural, and remote communities to help them address local homelessness needs. It supports the goals of the National Housing Strategy to assist the most vulnerable Canadians in maintaining safe, stable, and affordable housing.

Living Space is the community entity responsible for the implementation and coordination of Reaching Home Canada funds for the Cochrane District.

Coordinated Access Approach

Living Space makes use of Coordinated Access, a process that streamlines access to resources in a community by connecting otherwise separate services. It makes it possible to take a comprehensive systems-based and person-focused approach to addressing homelessness.

In addition to providing better, more direct support, this approach is one of the requirements for Reaching Home funding.

Strategic Partners

Living Space maintains strategic partnerships with organizations providing vital services to our community.

HIFIS Partner Portal

The Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS) is a shared information management platform for community partners that helps enable the Coordinated Access approach. Sign in with your credentials below.

Funding Requests

If you’re a partner that would like to submit a funding request via Living Space’s Reaching Home funding, please complete and send this form to [email protected].