Solving homelessness by the numbers.

Community Data
Daily Contacts

The Living Space approach to ending homelessness is driven by local data and community context.

Overnight Contacts
Unique Individuals

* Individuals who are chronically or episodically homeless and accessing Living Space.

Housed Individuals


* Program started in 2019.


* Not tracked in 2018.

With Supports

* Not tracked in 2018.

Contacts, Distribution & Collection

Health Services Contacts

* Program started May 2019.

Harm Reduction Contacts

* Program started May 2019.

Naxolone Distributed

* Program started May 2019.

Sharps Distributed & Collected

* Program started May 2019.

* Note for all data: Prior to moving to a 24/7 model in May 2019, Living Space operated on limited hours. This is reflected in our data.

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