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Living Space endeavours to promote, coordinate and provide services that alleviate and prevent homelessness, with a goal to end homelessness in Timmins and Area. We aim to achieve this goal through local partnerships, evidence-based practices and helping the community see the people behind the issue of homelessness. By educating and raising awareness in our community, we aim to reduce the stigmatization of people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

The following research methods and resources support our work in the community.

Community Resources

Period Prevalence Count Method

Period Prevalence Count (PPC) is a method for conducting an enumeration of homelessness. Community enumeration studies of homelessness provide important information about the number and characteristics of people living with homelessness at the local level. A PPC can provide sound and comprehensive information about the extend and forms of homelessness within communities. A PPC provides an estimate of the number of people experiencing homelessness within a given period of time, such as seven days. It is a method for counting and obtaining information about people experiencing homelessness. A broader objective is to obtain information that can support communities in developing strategies or solutions to address homelessness. Conducting a homeless “count” can help communities to track changes over time, as long as the same PPC method is used for each data collection. Using the same method each time builds expertise and can produce good quality data that enables communities to track trends.

Ontario Ministry of Housing. (2017). Period Prevalence Counts of People Experiencing Homelessness. Ontario.

Resources to Inform Our Practice

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